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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hooked on Alphabotz

If ever a toy was created to unite Roo and Jasper, this is it: Alphabotz are "Superphonic Decoder Cards" are flashcards using robot characters as a way to engage early readers. Each set features 50 durable laminated cards with bright, colorful graphics that illustrate specific sounds: consonants, vowels, etc. Along with the robot character representing the sound, the card shows the sound written in upper and lower case (can be traced with dry-erase or washable markers for penmanship practice!), visual representations of words beginning with the sound, and a "stats" section that gives background info on the character using word associations with the sound to aid in memory.

Did I mention that Alphabotz are also just plain cute? Roo loves the rhyming stories you can make with the "stats" section: "H my name is Hero and my hippo's name is Homer, we live on a houseboat in Happiness Harbor and I am a helicopter pilot…"

Alphabotz books, CDs and other edutainment concepts are coming soon. Hopefully before Jasper starts reading!

Disclosure: we received a set of Alphabotz cards to facilitate this review.

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