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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Strong and Happy

Roo was totally irritating me at the grocery store the other day, demanding to buy yogurt. She always begs for yogurt but leaves half of the cup so I usually don't buy individual cups anymore, preferring to dole out a little from a larger container and chopping up some fruit to stir in. Somehow she's gotten the message that yogurt is "teenager food" and so she wants it. (She is very interested in the idea of being a teenager, since apparently all teenagers do is talk to or about boys and kiss. Hmm.) Anyway, I remembered that 5 Minutes for Mom is partnering with Yoplait Kids for a "Strong and Happy" Drawing Contest. Their yogurt cups are smaller than the adult sizes so even my daughter of petite appetite can eat the whole shebang in one sitting. Roo promised to draw a picture representing how yogurt helps her be strong and happy:

Obviously, yogurt makes our entire family strong and happy. And heart-headed, which can't be bad. I dig the high heels and piggy noses on the characters from the Olivia series of books and cartoons… Pigs must like yogurt, too!

Check out the "Strong and Happy" Drawing Contest for your chance to win $1,000 to use towards classes (including sports) and/or education material for your child(ren).


  1. What a cute drawing, especially the high heels on the gals. I love how she signs her name too.

  2. Um, Roo's drawing is adorable. Also, this obsession with "teenagers" is super-droll. :)

  3. Great drawing! They're teaching her cursive in school already?! WOW!


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