superdumb supervillain: Mama Bear and Friends

Friday, February 04, 2011

Mama Bear and Friends

I am in love with this Mama Bear Cookie Jar by Tom Otterness. Isn't it the cutest thing, ever? Cereal Art makes the coolest artist-designed objects, perfect gifts. My aunt Ellyn got me the excellent Yoshitomo Nara Too Young To Die Ashtray years ago, I think while I was pregnant with Roo.

I covet Nara's Flip Clock, too, and Marcel Dzama's excellent Monsters of Winnipeg Folklore Action Figures.

P.S. Did I mention Tom Otterness is from Wichita originally? Why, yes he is.


  1. Oh wow, I love that cookie jar! And the ashtray is hilarious, especially for a pregnant lady.

  2. omg, these are awesome! I love the plate, ok, fine, ashtray, but I just pretend it's a plate.


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