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Monday, June 04, 2012

Live a Little - Bang a Gong

This is easily the most insipid Live a Little post I've written but, hey, it's summertime and I'm feeling pretty laid back. Let me write about hairstyles. Back to soul-searching next week! 

I've been experimenting with my hair since junior high. It's been every color from inky blue to hot pink to a woeful #2 pencil yellow. It's been streaked and variegated, most notably when a bleach error left it several different hues like a the starburst colorway on a Fender guitar. I think they're calling it "ombre" this summer, so obviously I was well ahead of my time. Ahem.

I just recently dyed my hair close to its natural dark brown, almost black and I'm pretty into it for the moment. See, the thing is, I get bored easily. And also I have an insatiable urge to lop off bangs every couple of months, which sets a regrowth cycle into constant motion. I remember finding a photo of my best girlfriends in Seattle and realizing that all of us had variations on the same blunt-banged Bettie Page hairdo. I love it but it's also such a total cliche at this point. Not to mention the fact that my hair has gotten noticeably thinner since I've had kids, so my bangs aren't as enviously thick and severe as I'd like. I'm not blaming my progeny but both of them seem to have gorgeous, thick heads of hair while mine is just kinda there these days… What to do?

I found a simple, reasonably-priced option last week while browsing at Ulta: clip-in bangs from hairdo, the hair extension line from Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson. It is super easy to put on, with three small sewn-in clips and it stays put, even with significant tugging.

Okay, fine, it's a bang toupee. But I love it. The Midnight Brown is a pretty decent match to my natural color and it might even curb my desire to shear off my own poor locks for a while. I'm even contemplating getting a couple of the brightly colored clip-in side bangs to stave off the urge to dye. I'm getting so lazy in my old age…

Roo tried on my bangs, too, even though they're a bit dark for her. I think they're adorable:

Bob tried them on, too, but threated bodily harm if I tried to take a picture. Let's just say Prince Valiant is not his best look. Heh.

The moral of this story: don't be afraid of doing something silly to get what you want. It's only your hair, it'll grow back, right? Whatever, take the shortcut and Live a Little right away!

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  1. But this is exactly what I'm talking about... living a full life doesn't have to mean Big Things - it consists of small ways of breaking the rules, going out of your comfort zone, and LIVING.

    And now I want bangs too. They look awesome on you. And those glasses? LOVE.

  2. Katja - I agree, action is better than inaction, no matter how teensy your steps might seem toward your goals. I love my glasses, too! They're by Amy Sachs, who I only knew as a tile designer. Odd.

  3. I love this! I have been thinking I wanted to do something fun to my hair, like dying a single strip with a wild color. Maybe one of those clip in strips is the perfect start, to decide if I really love it. Yah, thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Simple, yet informative. I've wondered about the hair line you mention. I might have to try a colored clip-in. I'm not only getting lazy in my old age, but maybe less willing to commit to a full hair growth cycle if I don't like it. Give me an instant makeover, that I maybe don't have to live with! That's the ticket. Off to shop.

  5. LOL! LOVE IT! You are so much fun. Really would have LOVED to see a pic of Bob with them on! ROFL!!

  6. You make me laugh! You have such a fun spirit about you. All of you do actually, and how hilarious that Bob even tried them on!


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