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Monday, June 11, 2012

Live a Little - Grounded

I'm going to use my turtle , Tick Tock, as an example of how to Live a Little again. Remember how he inspired me to break out of the box? Well, this weekend I finally set up his gigantic new tank (thanks, Craigslist!) to replace the itty bitty one he had outgrown so quickly.

At first, he seemed daunted. I was surprised, having expected him to adapt quickly to such a beautiful new habitat. It's so much bigger, so much cleaner, so much brighter. It even has a stellar view of the backyard, looking straight out of our biggest picture window. All he did was knock over the foliage and paw around at the pebbles.

Then it occurred to me that, although boundaries keep us penned in, they can also be comforting. Maybe Tick Tock liked being in a tank that forced him to climb out and test his limits on a regular basis. Maybe it was important for him to struggle up the walls and flip himself over time and time again. Maybe he liked the challenge.

About an hour into his resettling, I noticed Tick getting more comfortable. He seems to like the babbling brook sound of the new filter and the spacious basking platform. He also likes having the kittens sit on the ledge in front of him and visit. I think he just needed some time to reassess his situation and realize that everything was okay. The world is bigger but still within his reach. No matter how high you set your goals, you need to make sure you keep yourself grounded.

I can't believe I learn so much from a stray turtle.

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  1. As long as we still have some comforts, it's ok to stretch a bit.

  2. If only it was a bigger tank I had to worry about. Lol. It seems that life moves way too fast and problems come in every direction. Keeping grounded to what is most important in life helps so much: my kids, love, volunteering, nature.

  3. Ok, I just love how much this turtle is teaching you about life. The real lesson here: anything and anyone can teach us about life and make it better if we choose to open our eyes, ears and hearts and be open for it.


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