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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Accessorizing Fifty Shades of Grey

I don't generally jump on the summer book bandwagon, so the furor over Fifty Shades of Grey is sort of bemusing to me. Honestly, just reading the synopsis of the ahem trilogy, makes me giggle. It sounds like the old paperback bodice rippers my mom used to read when I was little, only mixed with Wall Street or perhaps a touch of American Psycho. Seriously?

I know that even the most hardened souls can fall prey to beach reading and in deference to those folks, I present two excellent ways to accessorize what is, for better or worse, the book of Summer 2012.

#1: Shame on Jane's #LatersBaby Hashtag Necklace

You're classy, lady, so you need a book tie-in that doesn't shout. This 50SoG nameplate whispers. Or at least it quietly evokes the eponymous protagonist's trademark sign-off. Available in silver, gold and studded with diamonds. It's all up to you.

#2: Bondage Accoutrements from MyPleasure

This Beginner Bondage Kit is a stylish– and safe!– way to experiment รก la 50SoG. The redwrist and ankle cuffs are lined in soft, minky plush and feature heart-shaped D-rings to connect to each other or the nylon straps. The blindfold mask is made of leather and has kind of a blind Catwoman vibe. There's even a tiny fringed rubber riding crop to whip you into shape! 

Are you a fan of the series? If not, are you planning on reading the books? Let me know what you think.

    In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and the WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that I received a sample of the bondage kit to facilitate this review. If you click on the book link and buy something, I might earn a few coins. All opinions, however, are my own.


    1. I do not understand why everyone is reading that junk (the writing is so bad, on the same scale as Twilight)--it's nothing new. Henry Miller and Anais Nin were writing the same sort of pieces 80 years ago.

    2. It's all the talk now, isn't it? I haven't read it yet and I honestly don't know if I want to or not.


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