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Monday, August 20, 2012

Live A Little - Education Never Ends

I've never understood people who think learning ends when you get out of school. When I stop learning, I'll be dead! The opportunity to learn new things is the most compelling reason to get out of bed in the morning, as far as I'm concerned. It's probably why I love the internet so much: all that information floating around, just waiting to be discovered.

Of course, information overload is inevitable these days. You can easily get sidetracked by some bit of data and click through to something else… and before you know it, you've spent an hour reading about something that might not be pertinent to your original search. Sometimes this is a lot of fun, admittedly, but sometimes you want your content to be curated a little more– especially if you're actually trying to learn something specific.

I love finding knowledgeable mentors on sites like Pinterest and Learnist and following specific boards about archaeology or medieval jewelry. They're like digital sherpas, showing you cool stuff without all the extraneous stuff. I love it when people think I'm worth following, too. It makes me feel like I'm passing the torch, somehow.

P.S. The Learnist link above might be broken. I am hoping they get their site back up and running- it's like Pinterest's brainy older sister, with targeted tutorials and academic chops. I got early access via Klout and have only one board thus far, to help me practice bellydancing.

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  1. ARCHAEOLOGY!! That was my major in college and I absolutely love it! I don't know what Learnist is, so see? There. I learned something from you today :)

  2. Our posts are quite similar! I can't get enough of the internet either because of the opportunities to learn. I'm a bit on overload but I can't stop. Joined Learnist too, but haven't done anything on it. Have to remedy that soon.

  3. Information overload should have my name in there somewhere. I love finding new information and learning. Sometimes a bit too much and my brain just shuts down. Then I rest..and come back and do it all again :-)

    I can't remember how it was and when we initially had contact but I knew I liked your flavor too ;-)

  4. I've never heard of Learnist before this second! Thanks teacher!

  5. Heading over to learnist! Hope their site is up and running. What do you think it is about some people that they have no desire to grow and learn past HS? I have met many and it baffles me.


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