superdumb supervillain: Snow Days

Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Days

We've gotten 14.5" of snow, the second highest recorded in Wichita since they started keeping track of weather here in 1880s. It's way too cold for my liking but the kids seem to enjoy it. The dogs can't decide if it's a good thing or not! I had to carry Rocky outside this morning so he'd go to the bathroom. Ah, the joys of overgrown puppies.

We're supposed to get another storm over the weekend. Joy.

Stay warm, wherever you are.


  1. Rocky's expression in that first photo is hilarious! We only got a covering of snow and it was gone the next day, so I'm jealous!

  2. We've been warm here in AZ and it's been wonderful, but I know my kids would love to see snow and get to play in it like you guys! As for me, I'm with you... Cold stinks. Blah. Give me the warmth any day! :)
    Poor Rocky! LOL!!!


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