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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Astroblast! Rockets On To Sprout TV

Sometimes I get a little depressed that the kids are getting older. Not because I have rabid baby lust but because I love all the trappings of the 0-5 world: picture books, teensy tiny clothes, educational television programming. When Roo and Jasper were little, nobody would question me having Sprout on all day, for example.

Anyway, I don't really write about little kid stuff as often anymore, but I had to pass along this Scholastic-Sprout collaboration. With that pedigree, it's not hard to imagine how smart and kid-friendly the new show Astroblast! would be, but you just have to see how cool and cute the CGI animation is:

Astroblast! premieres Monday, January 19, at 1pm on Sprout.

Astroblast! follows the zany adventures of Comet, Halley, Sputnik, Radar and Jet, a crew of animals who run the Astroblast Space Station, the coolest hangout in the galaxy, all under the watchful eye of Sal the Octopus. Along with a constantly changing cast of quirky visitors from other planets, the Astroblast Space Station gang cooks up the perfect recipe for promoting positive relationships, self-esteem, good nutrition and physical activity.

Astroblast! is inspired by the Scholastic books of the same name by award-winning author/illustrator Bob Kolar, and every episode offers fun stories with age-appropriate messages about friendship and self-awareness. Like many of Scholastic Media’s popular TV series, Astroblast!is also a perfect choice for kids and families to tune-in to together – and its humor will have viewers of all ages laughing along.

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